George C. Harris House - Annual Garden Party

Grand Bank

Held on the grounds of the magnificient George C. Harris House, this event occurs annually as part of the Grand Bank Festival. It is an opportunity for residents and visitors to meet and make friends in a family-oriented atmosphere (no alcohol is present). Here you will enjoy traditional NL foods, a BBQ, kids' games, a chance to win prizes, and some great local entertainment. You can even volunteer to become part of the local entertainment yourself!

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Homemade traditional NL foods, as well as BBQ, kid's games, local entertaiment (music, etc.), items from Grand Heritage Crafts available for sale, tickets on items, silent auction, etc, pay at door (cash only), no alcohol present at this event.

Helpful Information

Admission Free, Lunch Adults $7 per person, children $3.

Contact Information

Grounds of George C. Harris House 9 Water Street, Grand Bank
47.0997, -55.7521 (Download GPX)
Aug 2017, TBA
Jul 31, 2018
+1 (709) 832 1574
+1 (709) 832 0443
+1 (709) 832 1636


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