Raleigh Trail

Point Amour

Take this trail along the wreck sites of HMS Raleigh and HMS Lily, British warships that ran aground at Point Amour. The Trail follows the shoreline and is an excellent place to watch for whales, icebergs, seabirds and seals and also see an interesting variety of arctic alpine plants.

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Hiking/Walking Trail, Lighthouse, Lookout / Viewing Point, Museum and Historic Attractions, Natural Scenic Attractions, Wildlife.

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Point Amour Road , Point Amour
51.4602, -56.86 (Download GPX)
May 20 - Oct 6
+1 (709) 927 5825
+1 (709) 927 5826
+1 (709) 729 0592
+1 (709) 729 7989


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