Lester-Garland House


Reconstructed Georgian brick house rebuilt to 1819 - 1820 period on the site of the Lester home (1764 - 66), the first brick house in Newfoundland. Now a museum and learning centre housing various artifacts that once belonged to the Lester and Garland families. Items include an original oil painting of the Lester fleet of ships in Trinity Harbour in 1795; the Lester table and much more. This building is also the location of the Trinity Historical Society Office and Archives. Gift shop on-site.

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Archives with historical documents that go back to 1750 on-site; research family history; learn about 18th and 19th century merchants; home to the First Speaker of the House of Assembly when Newfoundland and Labrador first got representative government in 1832; gift shop on-site; handcrafted quality products for sale;

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An admission fee is charged for the historic sites in Trinity. Please contact us for more information.

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West Street , Trinity
48.3719, -53.3598 (Download GPX)
May 30 - Sep 30
+1 (709) 464 3599
+1 (709) 464 3599


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