Fogo/Deep Bay Hiking Trails

Fogo, Fogo Island

Lion's Den Trail - a trek to four re-settled communities: Lion's Den, Lock's Cove, Shoal Tickle, and Eastern Tickle. Difficult; 5.4kmWaterman's Brook Trail - leaves Fogo and ends overlooking Deep Bay. Moderate; 7.2km round-trip. Fogo Head/Western Brook Trail - scenic trail overlooking Fogo. Difficult; 2.5km. Brimstone Head Trail - Head to the top of one of the four corners of the world. Difficult; 0.5km round trip. Deep Bay Trail – leads to breath-taking views of Deep Bay harbor. Moderate 1km.

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Lion's Den Trail: scenic coastal trail; public washroom Difficult; 5.2km Waterman's Brook Trail: leaves Fogo and ends overlooking Deep Bay. Moderate; 8.2km round-trip Fogo Head Trail: scenic trail overlooking Fogo. Difficult; 2.5km Brimstone Head Trail: Entrance is located in Brimstone Head Park; ball park, playground, Lion's Club, Brimstone Head Festival in August. Difficult; 1.6 km round trip. Deep Bay is 0.5 km

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Route 333, Main Rd , Fogo
49.7134, -54.2753 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
+1 (709) 627 3570
+1 (709) 266 1320
+1 (709) 266 1323


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