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Experience Labrador Tours: guided Kayaking and Open Boat Tours-from 1/2 hour to 9 day trips, Cartwright along the South Labrador Coast; Camping, fishing, walking/hiking & guided and unguided tours on the Wonderstrand and outer Islands of Sandwich Bay. Cultural and Learning vacations, visit rock houses, old fishing stations, archaeological sites, The Wonderstrand, Sea trout fishing is incredible. Metal clay courses, rug hooking, embroidery and silk painting courses. Book a tour today. Customized

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Experience Labrador your gateway to the proposed Mealy Mountain National Park. Walk on the Wonderstrand, old fishing stations, the majestic Mealy Mountains, whales, birds, Caribou. Tent along the shoreline, hike on remote islands, listen to tales of the old days. Fish for sea trout and cook over an open fire. Learn a traditional craft or try your hand at contemporary craft. Guided or unguided but supported by our team. Metal Clay and silk Workshops. Open Boat & kayak tours. All inclusive.

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5 per tour
Rates based on the tour, distance and number of days. We customize each tour.

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20 Lethbridge Lane , Cartwright
53.7001, -57.0157 (Download GPX)
Jul 1 - Aug 30


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Whales, Wonderstrands & Vikings
Pete and George Barrett of Cartwright, Labrador, offer whale watching with a difference. You’ll look for whales, seabirds, seals and other marine life while camping near at Pigeon Cove near the Wonderstrands, a 56-km sandy beach named by the Vikings 1,000 years ago. You will camp nearby in a recently excavated Inuit winter house. Don’t be surprised if a caribou wanders into camp, where in the evening George will tell stories of the Nunatukavut way of life of his ancestors.
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