Mealy Mountain Gallery


Aboriginal and other local gifts and souvenirs handcrafted in Newfoundland and Labrador. Non toxic screened T-shirts, quilt patches, memory quilts, mats, carvings, pottery, pewter, silver, stone, bone, clay jewellery, silk painting, recycled glass, PMC, photos, postcards, reproductions, embroidery, traditional cotton duck cossacks and outerwear. Craft demonstration workshops: mat hooking, floor cloth painting, metalworks, embroidery, landscape quilting, silk and fabric painting. Book today.

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Aboriginal art and craft; locally hand crafted jewellery in pewter, silver, bone, grass, clay and beads; pottery; tufting; stone, bone and wood carvings, grasswork; quilts; non-toxic screened t-shirts, quilt patches and silk; silk painting; books posters, cards, postcards and reproductions; on-site craft demonstrations and workshops; All Handcrafted in Newfoundland and Labrador. Craft Learning Tours, silver, copper, silk painting, traditional crafts. Metal clay workshops. Book a workshop today.

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20 Lethbridge Lane , Cartwright
53.7071, -57.0167 (Download GPX)
Jun 15 - Sep 15


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