Gros Morne Summer Music

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One of Canada's most innovative, eclectic music festivals, now in its twelth year. Heard regularly on CBC radio across the country, Gros Mome Summer Music features classical, jazz, blues, traditional, choral music, musical theatre, rock shows, dance, outdoor spectacles and more. Join world-class musicians from Europe, America, Canada and down the road in an atmosphere that is chatty, welcoming, and warm. Abundant parking, washrooms, wheelchair accessible.

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Mix and mingle with world class young aArtists, a music festival featured across the country on CBC Radio, lots of different genres of music something for everyone, concerts in heritage buildings, plays/pageants/musicals with historical content, abundant parking, washrooms and wheelchair accessible.

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General Admission $30, Student $15, Season Pass $100 Under 12 Free for classical shows

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Route 431 , Woody Point
49.499, -57.9194 (Download GPX)
Jul 10 - Oct 4, 2016
Jul 10 - Oct 4, 2016
Arts and Culture Centre , Corner Brook
48.949, -57.9402 (Download GPX)
Jul 10 - Oct 4, 2016
Jul 10 - Oct 4, 2016
+1 (709) 639 7293
+1 (709) 638 1956
+1 (709) 639 7293


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Gros Morne Summer Music touches your soul in Beautiful Bonne Bay
Gros Morne Summer Music Concert Series along with the Elements Pub at the Bonne Bay Inn will deliver a wonderful night in Woody Point. Talented musicians provide a music experience that rivals any world class performance. Set in a small, historic, hillside church, the amazing acoustics draw the sound in to your soul. Experience the Magic in Gros Morne National Park. You will receive 20% off on your show ticket & 20% off on any appetizer at the Inn prior to or after the show.
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Bonne Bay Inn & Gros Morne Summer Music

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