Torrent River Inn

Hawke's Bay

50 Years of welcoming travelers/tourist to the Viking Trail, in Hawkes Bay, NL, Canada.


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Air conditioning in all rooms/dining room, Grab and Go Lunch Counter, Lounge, Banquet and Conference Facilities, Iron/Ironing boards/Coffee perks/clock radios/hair dryers, cable TV/Hi speed wireless internet access,public laundromat/ATM, coach parking /washing, beside John Hogan Trail (8kms) and Salmon Interpretation Centre, patio and picnic sites.

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29 Rooms & 5 housekeeping cottages
Rate Range from $99 Single to $139 for our Deluxe Housekeeping Cottages

Contact Information

Route 430, Viking Trail , Hawke's Bay
50.6101, -57.1701 (Download GPX)
Jan 1 - Dec 31
+1 (800) 563 8811
+1 (709) 248 5225
+1 (709) 248 5283
+1 (709) 248 5363


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