Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge

Lower Eagle River

A modern lodge situated on some of the best atlantic salmon pools in the world - Lower Eagle River, Labrador. Experienced, courteous guides, and house staff, plus incredible angling!

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Fly in camp with duplex cabins with own bathroom and shower, hot/cold running water, generator electricity, double occupancy bedrooms, satellite phone service, screened in porch, dining room, lounge and fireplace.

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Lower Eagle River Salmon Camp , Lower Eagle River
53.5514, -57.4605 (Download GPX)
+1 (709) 938 7549
+1 (709) 938 7549


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Special Offers from this Operator

Starting at $650 Per Night
Drive To An Awesome August Getaway
Enjoy the Eagle River at the tail end of the peak season, with less angling pressure, yet still plenty of fresh fish.

"It's true what they say "At home we learned to cast, on the Eagle we learned to catch". I hooked more fish in 3 days than I had my entire salmon fishing career. This was the trip of a lifetime, until I return. I would recommend it to anyone looking to catch lots of fish from a lodge with higher standards than most."

- Adam Campbell, Amherst, Nova Scotia - August 2015

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Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge

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