The Kittiwake Coast – The Road to the Beaches (43 km)

This tour, which incorporates beautiful Terra Nova National Park, will take you to sheltered coves, sandy beaches and some of the best locations for water sports in the province. Here you will find rivers to canoe, ponds to fish, inlets to sail, and clean, clear lakes to swim.

Begin in Glovertown

The tour begins in the community of Glovertown, which has become the central town in the Alexander Bay area. It offers a wide variety of services, beautiful scenery and warm hospitality.

From here, along Route 310, you can visit Saunders Cove, Traytown and Culls Harbour before doubling back and continuing to the Eastport Peninsula where, in season, fresh vegetables are available from local gardens and greenhouses.

Sandringham is the most westerly point of The Kittiwake Coast - Road to the Beaches tour, and good fishing can be found in its many ponds and streams. Just a stone's throw along the road is Eastport, a farming community and service centre that is the hub of the area and where you may take your choice of several roads leading to neighbouring communities.

Eastport is famous for its beautiful sandy beach equipped with change houses, picnic tables and fireplaces. Stop by the Beaches Heritage Centre for information on theatre presentations, concerts and art exhibits.

One very worthwhile side trip from Eastport is a four-kilometre drive north to St. Chads and Burnside where the Burnside Archaeology Centre displays artifacts from the 5,000-year-long human habitation of the area. The centre operates a boat tour to some of the most important archaeology sites along the coast.

Take the Ferry to St. Brendan's

St. Brendan's island was settled by the Irish and the old country accent is as strong here as anywhere in Newfoundland. When travelling by coastal boat or ferry it's always a good idea to plan everything in advance. Schedules can vary.

Return to the Mainland

Continue on Route 310 from Eastport to Salvage, the oldest settlement in the region. Don't forget your camera because Salvage is a photographer's dream. This is a good place to sample some foods popular with Newfoundlanders.

Double back on Route 310

Double back on Route 310 and turn south from Eastport to Sandy Cove where the beach is one of Newfoundland's finest. A short distance west of Sandy Cove you will come to Happy Adventure and its two adjacent coves known as Upper and Lower Coves. According to local legend, the town got its name when a fishing vessel put in here temporarily to escape pirates. Besides enjoying the shallow beaches where children can wade in safety, you will indeed have a "happy adventure" with a feast of lobster. Live lobsters can be purchased during the lobster season in early summer.

Return to Route 1 via Route 310 to Terra Nova National Park

Return to Route 1 via Route 310 and enter the park. Terra Nova National Park is an excellent vacation base for sightseeing in the east-central region of Newfoundland. The park's 400 square kilometres protect a typical Newfoundland habitat of sheltered bays, rugged shores along the ocean and rolling forested hills with numerous ponds and bogs. Keep an eye out for ospreys, eagles, lynx and moose.